Treat Yo’ Self Thursday #8, Pizza Pizza!

Like the majority of Americans, I love pizza. It’s a weekly treat for many, and even its own food group for some. Pizza tends to be a delicious, greasy, cheesy carbfest, but can easily be transformed into a healthy meal with these easy to follow tips:

  • Make it at home
    • This way you can control the amount of sauce, cheese and other ingredients that go on the pizza. Plus, not only is it cheaper calorically, your wallet will thank you too.
      • Pizza dough can easily be found at any grocery store for around $2 (even whole wheat) and tomato sauce for about the same price.


  • Veg it up
    • Load your pizza with vegetables! Fresh spinach, zucchini, cauliflower, peppers, artichokes, garlic and onions make fantastic pizza toppings (caramelized veggies are killer). And again, in addition to their nutritional value, fresh produce (especially in season) is very affordable.
  • Swap the sausage for tofu
    •  While tofu isn’t a favorite for everyone, with some love (and a good sauce or marinade), it can be transformed into a mouthwatering topping.
      • My BBQ Tofu Pizza is a great example of how tasty tofu can be if treated the right way. (Seriously, this might be the best pizza I’ve ever made.)SAMSUNG CSC

What are some of your favorite pizza toppings? Let me know in the comments below!


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