These Are a Few of My Favorite Internet Things

Image via We Heart It

In no particular order, here are a few websites, blogs, shows and peeps that I love to read/follow/watch/drool over/worship online… other than The Encyclofeedia of course (I kid, I kid.):

 1. Oh she glows– With a catalogue of gorgeous vegan recipes, Angela Liddon makes healthy living look effortless and delicious.

2. EssieButton– I live vicariously through Estée in her vlogs (She lives and works in my favorite city in the world, LONDON!) and although I am no makeup maven, I love her blog (girl has style).

3. House of Cards– With killer writing and insane plot lines (not to mention actors like Robin Wright and Kevin Spacey in the cast), HOC is a political junkie’s dream… hell, it’s a cultural phenomenon (Jimmy Fallon and Sesame Street have both paid homage to the Netflix series). The twists and turns of this show will keep you glued to the computer screen, and in an hours (or days) long bingefest. If you haven’t watched, start right now! Season three will be online Friday (Feb 27).

4. Retta– Known for her role as Donna on Parks and Rec (#PawneeForever), Retta is a comedic force to be reckoned with, particularly on Twitter.

5. The Infatuation– The Infatuation keeps it real with honest reviews of restaurants of all price ranges, and manages to do it without the pretentiousness or stuffiness many a food critic seem to possess. Peep their Instagram for mouthwatering #EEEEEATS!

6. Foodstand– Foodstand is a photo sharing app (a food centric Instagram of sorts) that allows people to connect and share good food with others. If you love to eat and want REAL food to make a comeback, download the app and join the Foodstand community!


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