Vitamin WHAT? Oh, K!

It’s one of the lesser known, and frankly underrated, nutrients in our food (Vitamin C and those Omegas keep hogging the spotlight). An important part of the blood clotting process, Vitamin K is a crucial part of maintaining a healthy body. Found in leafy greens, including the ever-present kale, spinach, and in animal products, it’s not difficult to get your fill of this important nutrient.

After doing some research, I learned that there are two different kinds of naturally occurring Vitamin K: K1 and K2.

K1 is found in the previously mentioned leafy greens and other green vegetables including broccoli and asparagus. Your body absorbs it better when combined with a fat such as butter or oil, or some fruits like avocado (smoothies anyone?).

K2 is found in eggs, meat, aged cheeses (they’re Gouda for you), fermented vegetables like natto, a slimy fermented soybean dish (I’ll just stick to tofu, thank you), as well as sauerkraut and kefir.

Worried you aren’t getting enough? You can easily make a salad, sauté some spinach, or snack on some gouda or brie.


Sorry for the lack of posts (AGAIN), I’ve been drowning in the world of retail… this girl has student loans to pay off. I am making it my 2015 resolution to post more regularly.

Coming soon: Get ready for the first “Treat Yo’ Self Thursday,” a weekly installment of not-so-healthy but delicious treats from my favorite bakeries/cafés/restaurants etc. and/or an original recipe. Also keep your eyes peeled for a holiday post and a big announcement!


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