The Weekly Feed #1

I unsurprisingly consume a lot of food media every day. From “What to Cook This Week” emails from NYTimes Cooking in my inbox, to watching pieces on seaweed farming (I highly recommend watching it), and of course, the neverending onslaught of food porn I subject myself to in my Instagram feed, almost every waking hour of my life involves food… but it’s something I would never change.

And with that, I thought it would be nice to share a few things I found interesting, discovered, devoured, or newly obsessed over each week—sometimes with an occasional non-food related item sprinkled in—posting it all for your enjoyment each and every Friday.

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 9.50.58 AM

Photo Credit (Clockwise):  Rosetta Ale image from @breweryommegang Instagram; Manhattan royalty free image from Pixabay; No-Cook Caramel photo by Ty Mecham; Rhubarb Galette from personal Instagram account

This week:

      1. The Manhattan— I enjoyed a really good Manhattan made with Hudson Whiskey’s Manhattan Rye Whiskey back in March and cannot stop thinking about it… I usually go for something gin-based, but there’s just something about this drink that gravitates me towards it.
      2. Fancy cherries—specifically Luxardo and Amarena, a couple of very tasty Italian cherry varieties, make classic cocktails (like Manhattans) even better. I like to think of these tiny fruity jewels as the adult equivalent of the prize found in the bottom of a box of cereal. I may have also just bought a couple of jars of these cherries… 🙊 (I purchased them online from Yummy Baazar)
      3. RHUBARB!— I don’t know what it is about this vegetable—it’s color, it’s tart and tangy flavor, or its ability to be equally delicious in savory and sweet dishes— but I can never get enough of it each Spring.
      4. Brewery Ommegang—Not only is the name of this brewery really fun to say, but the beers are just as enjoyable to drink. Their Rosetta Cherry Ale and Pale Sour Ale are fantastic.
      5. No-Cook Vegan Caramel— No butter? No time? No problem. This vegan-friendly caramel promises to deliver that same sweet, velvety and buttery confection, without having to cook it. I haven’t made it yet, but I am planning on whipping up a batch this weekend, and will report back with the results!
      6. It’s Alive with Brad —I laugh every single time I watch these videos, but also learn something new and interesting (I had no idea what Tepache was until I watched a video in which he makes it.);  I also love this pasta video Bon Appetit put up a few months ago… it’s a pretty long video, but I find it really relaxing to watch and listen along to.

Come back next week for another weekly feed! And let me know in the comments below what you’re into this week. 😁


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