Making It Happen in 2018

58b080a088fb7b05b5aabe273c2c5d12Jumping right into 2018, I started a 28 day reset (no sugar, alcohol, processed food, gluten or dairy) on Jan 1, and have been working out 6 days a week. Other than some soreness after days I do strength training, it feels great! After coming back from Scotland, I was eating pretty poorly, so I’m happy to be ‘resetting’ myself and steering clear of the cookies and chips that I was eating far too often. I’ve become a huge fan of veggie-loaded smoothies and have made some really tasty concoctions 😋.

On another note, I’ve been having a bit of a mental block when it comes to posts and content, thus the reason why I’ve posted so infrequently… I kind of feel like everything has been done about a million different ways, so I’m trying to figure out how can I standout online while being myself on here… so expect some new types of posts!

Some other goals of mine include taking better care of my skin, as I just turned 25 in September and want to take care of myself on the outside as I am on my inside; once the 28 day reset is over, I’d like to get into making my own bread instead of buying the crappy store-bought… hope you’re bready for some gluten-filled posts! I’m also wanting to start fermenting my own vegetables… a healthy gut is proving to be much more important to one’s overall health than previously thought.

Looking forward to kicking some more butt this year on and offline!


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