The Weekly Feed #2

Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 11.01.26 PM

Photo: Glorie Farm Winery

1. Glorie Farm Winery— Sweet, dry, red, white, rosé—you name it, this farm winery has it. In their tasting room, you can taste six wines for a very reasonable $6 ($8 with credit card).  One of my favorites included a peach wine that tasted delicious—just like a ripe juicy peach… a nice summer wine alternative for those who haven’t jumped on the rosé bandwagon. Another standout was the Chardonnay ice wine produced by Standing Stone Vineyards, located up in the Finger Lakes region.


Tres bien!

2. Comté Cheese and Chard Tart—  With all the foams and molecular gastronomy out there in the current foodie landscape (I do enjoy that kind of stuff only if it’s done well), we tend to forget how delicious simple cooking can be. I have to thank one of my friends in Edinburgh who first introduced me to this Comté and chard tart, and to the charming Frenchman behind it, chef Raymond Blanc. Since you are making a shortcrust from scratch, this recipe does take a bit of time, but it is so worth it. I’m telling you to make this tart ASAP.


Photo: Perfect Bar

3. Perfect Bar— a protein bar I can finally get behind! Chock full of healthy ingredients like kale, spinach, alfalfa and celery (I know I was surprised too!), combined with peanut butter (sometimes almond), these bars are just like eating peanut butter cookie dough… nothing like the gross chalky texture protein bars usually have. Make sure to head straight to the refrigerated section of your local grocery store where you’ll find these bad boys.

J Balvin_ VIBRAS

Vibras… issa vibe.

4. Vibras— Thanks to a Zumba instructor who works at the gym I go to (Hi Lyvette!), I listen to a lot of reggaeton/latin pop. Vibras, or vibes, J Balvin’s new album is aptly named. With super catchy beats and choruses that’ll get stuck in your head, this album is really fun to listen and dance along to while cooking.


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