26 Things I Am Doing This Year


I made this beautiful mess during a Milk Bar class last weekend.

Last week I turned 26. As I start this last year of my mid-twenties, I want to stop holding myself back from doing certain things and also develop/continue some better habits.

Here are 26 things I am planning on doing this year: 

  1. Traveling more. No more waiting for other people, over-worrying about costs or going alone, I am traveling to new (and old) places I want to visit.
  2. Visiting Montreal
  3. Visiting Edinburgh (yep!)
  4. Visiting Toronto and my friend Tiffany.
  5. Taking more photos with friends & family.
  6. Continuing to eat healthily and more mindfully.
  7. Stopping that feeling of guilt after eating something “bad.”
  8. Dining out solo.
  9. Making more foods from scratch. Bread, pasta, pickles, falafel… you name it.
  10. Learning and mastering a chocolate soufflé.
  11. Pierogi too–I’m such a good Polish girl (haha).
  12. Reading more books.
  13. Staring at electronic screens less.
  14. Getting better sleep.
  15. Visiting Ireland to see my friend Colette.
  16. Visiting the Netherlands to see my friends Mun + Lieve.
  17. Making another spectacular pavlova, because I absolutely killed it last time.
  18. Continuing working out regularly (and enjoying it!).
  19. Overthinking and planning less. Doing more.
  20. Improving my personal brand online and offline.
  21. Overhauling my wardrobe and defining my personal style.
  22. I might later regret putting this on here, but KARAOKE!
  23. Learning how to make as many classic cocktails as I can.
  24. Learning how to properly meditate.
  25. Hiking more.
  26. Owning it. All of it.

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