Dissertation Madness Nearly Complete


Grate title right? 😉

After a whopping 15 weeks of research, writing, and revision, a completed dissertation has been handed in! All that’s left is a 20-minute presentation in front of a panel of gastro-peeps (also known as lecturers) and it is off to be marked. I analysed the marketing of cheese as well as the media’s coverage of cheese in Scotland and compared the two to see if cohesive messaging is being produced by the two camps or not.

Only a few weeks after the presentation will be the much-anticipated trip to Slow Food’s Cheese 2017 festival in Bra (Piedmont region) Italy! Coincidently, the ‘stars’ of the market at Cheese will be US raw milk cheese producers; the overall theme is ‘The State of Raw Milk’.

Seeing as I will have some time on my hands while I sort out what’s next for me career-wise, I am aiming to revamp my weekly posts with some recipes inspired by food I’ve enjoyed in Scotland over the past (almost) year, so keep an eye out for that.


Charlotte Ross (IG @charlotteross_tattoos) is the talent behind the design 😁

In other non-food related news, I got this pretty Scottish floral design tattooed onto my inner forearm yesterday afternoon. 😊

Now to complete that pesky presentation…


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