Sippin’ on Gin and Juice

Worked my first event for Bon Accord last weekend at the Juniper Gin Festival in Edinburgh. I met and chatted with some cool people in the gin business, as well as tasted some of their lovely spirits on offer. Sam Trett from Minus 33, the man behind the juniper spirit (it doesn’t have a high enough ABV % to be legally classified as ‘gin’) was a trooper hobbling down to us with an injured foot in a cast.

We also had a fantastic view of quite possibly the coolest game of Jenga I’ve ever seen, courtesy of The Edinburgh Ice Co.

I also met some nice folks from Edinburgh Gin who kindly brought us a bottle of their Navy Strength Cannonball Gin to pair with our cloudy lemonade (spoiler alert: it’s delicious😋👌).

This week, I had a bit of pre-World Gin Day fun on Friday, concocting a cocktail for an upcoming post, as well as enjoying some delicious Sri Lankan curries at a friend’s flat along with a couple of G&Ts; one was with a gin she infused with raspberries, and the other with Isle of Harris Gin, a favorite of mine. I brought over some Bon Accord Scottish Tonic, of course (#alwayspromoting).

In other news, I’m still working on the auld Scottish cheese dissertation, slowly but surely getting there.


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