In the Land of Whisky and Cheese

It has been a week since I’ve landed in Edinburgh and so far, it has been a delicious experience.


Look at this lovely group!

This week, new students (both undergrad and undergrad) had their inductions. The induction for the Gastronomy program was three days of meeting new people (a lovely bunch, whom I already care about quite deeply), delicious food, and a load of information thrown at us.

The excitement of starting this program is probably as high (maybe slightly higher) as the stress/anxiety of the heavy workload associated with it, plus acclimating to a new country (and a 5 hour time change, hello dark under eye circles) doesn’t make things easy. Thankfully, that lovely previously mentioned group of people are pretty much in the same boat, so my fear of going it alone was quickly allayed.

These lovely people I keep mentioning are some of the most interesting, kind, intelligent, curious individuals I have ever met. With backgrounds from cooking professionally, to making and selling cheese kits (which look amazing Ailsa!), to those who working in marketing/PR, everyone in this course has fantastically unique and interesting knowledge and expertise they can bring to the table (pun intended). I think due to the specificity of a Gastronomy program like this, you have to be a particularly inquisitive, open, and deeply passionate person, which is more than apparent in this group of future gastronauts/gastronomers/gastronomists.

I cannot wait to see whether this course takes me over the next year, and look forward to sharing it with my fellow passion-gers. 😉

Stay tuned for a weekly-ish post of my gastronomic adventures… I will try to post every Thursday or Friday. x


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