Staying Healthy(ish) on Holiday

When we go away, we leave behind the stress of everyday life, and in many cases, our healthy eating habits fall by the wayside. Well, fret not! I have a few tips that will keep you from falling off of the wagon.

Meet halfway

GIF via We Heart It

GIF via We Heart It

Want to have your cake and eat it too? You can! Well, half of it. You can still enjoy sugary and fried treats by sharing it with a loved one.

By sharing that massive portion of cheese fries with someone else means you can indulge without complete derailing your healthy diet. Plus, eating half (or less) means you can taste more treats without breaking the caloric bank!

                                                                      Sweat out the snacks

GIF via Peerfit

GIF via peerFit

After sharing a smorgasbord of goodies, work off those snacks and treats at the hotel gym. Most hotels and resorts have some form of fitness center with treadmills and other cardio/weight equipment. Just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean you have to stop working out!

If there’s no gym, swim laps in the hotel pool or take a stroll around the grounds for some exercise. And if you’re going to a place like Disney, walking in the parks will help you stay on track.

Don’t feel guilty if you go H.A.M.

You’re on vacation, so you’re entitled to treat yo’ self… And at one point or another, you may go overboard, but that’s okay! Don’t feel bad, because you wont gain 10 pounds or undo any of your hard work from a day of gluttony.

Do a little more cardio that day or cut down on (or completely abstain from) the sweets and fried food the next day.

Other tips to follow:

Remember to eat some veggies and fruit (caramel apples and corn dogs don’t count)!

We always seem to forget to eat vegetables on holiday, and the lack of nutritional options don’t help. If (financially and logistically) possible, go to the nearest grocery store to grab fresh veggies to snack on.

Many fast food/quick serve places have packets of carrots or apples as an option instead of fries to accompany that sandwich or burger, so you can enjoy a bit of junk food without eating a day’s worth of calories in one meal.

Skip the soda!

You don’t need that 32oz Coke, it’s just a cup full of unsatisfying and empty calories. Opt for water instead, and your body will thank you.

Any tips or tricks you use to stay healthy(ish) while on vacation?

P.S.- Stay tuned for a post with more tips and advice on working out while you’re away.


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