The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Exercise: Easy Ways to Break a Sweat



I am a lazy person. I am the press snooze three times, procrastinating, couch loving girl who has to force herself to drive to the gym to workout. How do I combat my sloth-like tendencies?

Well, I heavily depend on my iPhone’s calendar to set reminders to workout. I usually specify the workout I want myself to do that day (e.g. Treadmill, Zumba, Pilates, Machines/Weights) and a realistic timeframe for me to do the exercises. No matter how many alarms or reminders you set for 8 or 9 am, if you are not a morning person like myself and lazy, that workout will not happen.

Another great way I keep myself from slacking off is YouTube. There are a ton of fitness gurus with YouTube channels that have fantastic workout videos you can do without having to leave the house. A popular channel and favorite of mine, Blogilates has great Pilates and Cardio driven workouts (some are only five minutes!) that even the laziest of lumps -ahem- like me can do without losing motivation.

For those with Wiis or other gaming consoles, Zumba has video games with workouts varying from low intensity to high intensity, and different routines from short 20 minute to 60 minute workouts. Even the most rhythmically challenged can complete these Zumba routines in the privacy of your home (only your dog or cat can judge your moves).

And once you motivate yourself to exercise, you will feel great. It’s scientifically proven!

Do my fellow couch potatoes out there have any tips?  What do you do to keep yourself off the couch?

P.S.- Don’t forget to do some weight training! I do a circuit of machines at my gym (I go to Crunch) that strengthen every muscle in my body (from shoulders to thighs and calves, I work it all out).


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