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Every New Year’s Eve many of us make resolutions, promises to ourselves that aren’t kept for very long in the new year. Promises to join a gym and exercise more, promises to eat better are quickly pushed to the back burner because of our busy lives.

What we fail to realize when we make these promises to ourselves is that the world won’t stop spinning, life and all of its obstacles won’t ease up while you try to keep your promises.

I am guilty of being one of those people. Every year, I promise myself, I will do more. I will start running (I completely loathe running), I will completely cut out dairy and sugar from diet, I will exercise at least five times a week… as a sloth in a former life, these aren’t realistic goals for myself. I always set out with these lofty (sometimes extreme) goals of self-improvement, make it a week or two strictly adhering to my new rules and then something comes up.

I don’t see results fast enough for my liking, so I give into temptation. I feel completely defeated and give up, failing to realize that I can always start over or continue with some adjustments. I’ve also realized that my heart wasn’t in it, it wasn’t for myself, I wasn’t ready to change.

Thanks to all of these failures, I am determined, I am excited, and I am finally ready to change. I want to completely practice what I preach on this blog and hope you’ll join me on this exciting (and f*cking daunting) journey.  Keep an eye out for some fun things: workout playlists, workouts/exercises I find work well, and (of course) tasty recipes/easy to follow meal plans for everyone to enjoy.

GIF via Elite Daily

GIF via Elite Daily

To anyone else who is ready or needs a little push, feel free to contact me here or via twitter and we can do this together.

Note: I will still be posting a Treat Yo’ Self Thursday every Thursday, because we all need a little treat every now and then… you can’t eat salads all the time.


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