Hump Day (Vegan!) Snickerdoodle Smoothie

On my third day of practicing a part-time vegan diet (until 6pm), I decided to whip up a smoothie for a post lunch snack . I originally planned to make a banana avocado concoction, but saw the cinnamon sugar in my spice cabinet and was immediately inspired. Sweet, but not too sweet, and dairy-free, this smoothie will help you get through a rough hump day. Continue reading


Meatless Monday: Tortilla Crusted Tofu Sandwich (It’s VEGAN!)

Happy Meatless Monday! I’ve decided to take the plunge and become a part-time vegan. What this means is that each day, I will abstain from eating any kind of animal products (meat, dairy, eggs, etc.) until 6 p.m. where I may have animal products for dinner.

For this first day back on the vegan wagon, I decided to make a tofu sandwich. Crushed tortilla chips, adobo, honey and lime coated tofu is fried and sandwiched in-between two slices of whole grain bread with freshly mashed avocado and sliced tomato. Continue reading