Toronto Week 6: Birthday Treats + Ivy League Strolls

This past week was pretty relaxed. At the beginning of week, I focused on getting some work done.

Wednesday was my birthday, so I treated myself to a facial at Blitz Facial Bar–it was wonderfully relaxing.

After the facial, I walked next door to get a slice of birthday cake from Bobbette + Belle. This time, I tried raspberry + vanilla, a really nice buttery cake with vanilla and raspberry buttercream–perfect with a cup of tea.

I then hopped on the streetcar to Etobicoke to see Tiffany who treated me to some pumpkin spice gelato (much better than any PSL).

After our visit, I walked to Cheese Boutique via the Humber Bay Arch Bridge. Cheese Boutique is a glorious fromage-filled store with cheeses from all over the world. There, I picked up several cheeses–Manchego with Truffles, Ossau Iraty (one of my all time favorites), English Cheese with Truffles, The Crocodile, cheese curds from Quebec, and P’tit Basque– as well as a their own Tuscan-style salami, apple riesling jelly, and elephant beans in tomato sauce.

Cheese-wise, I highly recommend all of the ones previously mentioned except the The Crocodile–it’s a French cheese washed and cured in a walnut liqueur, and tastes absolutely horrendous…steer clear if you don’t want to assault your senses (it also smells rank). The salami and elephant beans are also excellent, while the apple riesling jelly isn’t anything special.

Saturday, I walked around the University of Toronto’s main campus, a leafy well-manicured area filled with beautiful old ivy-covered buildings.

On Sunday, I met up with Tiffany at TIFF’s festival street and walked down King St. West. We then headed up Portland to Chubby’s Jamaican Kitchen, a modern Jamaican restaurant. From their brunch menu, I tried the Fried Chicken and Pineapple Waffle–crispy fried chicken with a cornmeal waffle, caramelized pineapple, whipped coconut crème fraiche and sorrel syrup.

The chicken was moist and stayed crispy even after it had cooled, the waffle was soft + flavorful with warming spices, and the topping of sweet pineapple, mellow coconut crème fraiche, and tangy Jamaican sorrel really rounded out the dish–a delicious Caribbean spin on chicken and waffles.

With that said, I have only two weeks left in Toronto and I think I’ll be revisiting some places before I go.


One thought on “Toronto Week 6: Birthday Treats + Ivy League Strolls

  1. Hey Lesley,
    Another good blog! Out of curiosity, didn’t the Cheese shop allow for samplings before you bought the Crocodile cheese? I would have thought, (aside from the fact that I’m not brave abought trying foods like you are) that the name of the cheese would not have caught my attention in the first place, for fear of it being something a croc would enjoy or smell/taste like! Now that piece of cake you had for your B-day, sounds yummy!!!!
    Hope you’re enjoying things as much as it sounds you are!
    Take care! Love, Mom ☺

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