Things are happening!

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted anything on here–okay, may more than a minute–and honestly, I’ve been pretty exhausted creativity-wise. I’m currently getting back into the swing of things, including making some changes on here. As much as I love posting recipes and discussing eating + living more healthily, I want to also write about my travels–specifically, the food culture of each place I visit.

Which brings me to a couple of announcements….

You may have noticed a tab that’s been added at the top of this website, called ‘Social Media + Marketing Services’. That’s because I recently left my position as content coordinator of a local food magazine to do social media and digital marketing consulting full time! So if you or anyone you know needs some killer social and/or digital marketing content, I’m your girl.

Second thing–and partially why I’d like to expand the topics covered on this blog–is that I’m going to be in Toronto for a couple of months this summer, exploring the city’s food culture. I visited my friend Tiffany at the end of March, and was really struck by the diversity of Toronto’s food scene. Naturally, the gastronomist in me wanted to take a closer look, and so I am! I’ll be there for the latter part of the summer and look forward to writing about it.

That’s it for right now, but I think that’s more than enough excitement for all of us to handle…stay tuned!

P.S.- If you know me, then you know that I pray at the altar of all things Bon Appétit… I recently made Basically’s Falafel Fritter Bowl, and I cannot recommend it enough–it’s so tasty!


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