Welcome to Toronto

Maple syrup. Poutine. Ketchup chips. Maybe add Montreal-style bagels and smoked meat to that list, if you’re “in the know.” These are probably the first foods that come to mind when you’re asked what Canadian cuisine is. But beyond the sweet amber-colored syrup and gravy laden fries, is a richly diverse and delicious food culture reflective of its multiculturalism, with Toronto serving as one of its main hubs.

I had a small taste of it when I visited back in March, and knew I wanted to come back for more. 

My base for this Canadian/Torontonian culinary adventure is Leslieville (It’ll be changed to Lesleyville by the time I leave 😉), a laidback “hip” neighborhood to the east of the downtown core—I like to call this area the ‘Williamsburg of the North.’ 

Every week, I’ll be venturing out to various neighborhoods and will report back on my experiences, both culinarily + culturally related.

Looking forward to diving in!


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