Getting Social and Mixing It Up at Bon Accord

In addition to my dissertation, I’ve recently (just last week) started a Summer social media and events job at Bon Accord Soft Drinks here in Edinburgh. They’ve kindly given me some bottles to taste the product, and I am a massive fan of the sparkling rhubarb.


Some of my handiwork

I’ve already begun to post on their various social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… feel free to follow) and I am planning some pretty cool content for this Summer. For those of you who know me well, there will be a healthy sprinkling of puns and pop culture references 😁. I also get to work my first event this weekend!

I’m spending the day at Juniper Gin Festival at Summerhall in Edinburgh this Saturday, where some folks will taste and hopefully purchase some lovely ‘juice’ (that’s what the Scottish call soda for some reason) and Scottish tonic to mix with their gin… and maybe also try some of the other beverages on offer.

As for that dissertation, I’m plugging away, learning a lot about Scottish cheese and its history… you could say it was a ‘Crowdie-d’ industry long ago. 😂


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