A Pizza Feast Sans Yeast

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  • Servings: 4-8 (depending on your appetite)
  • Difficulty: easy
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Pizza Crust Adapted from House of Yumm
2 1/4 c. all purpose flour
1 tbsp. baking powder
1/4 tsp. salt
Oregano, garlic powder and dried basil to taste
3/4 c. milk*
1/4 c. greek yogurt
1/4 c. butter*
*For a healthier crust, you can scrap the milk and butter altogether and use 1 1/4 cups of greek yogurt instead.

1 medium zucchini, sliced
1/2 c. goat cheese
2 tsp. honey
Sriracha (drizzled on top)
Approx. 1 c. tomatoes (I used a variety of heirlooms)
Olive oil, salt and pepper to taste

1. Preheat your oven to 450ºF. In a standing or handheld mixer with a dough hook attachment, mix the ingredients for the crust until a dough forms.

2. While the dough is being made, place your tomatoes (cut larger ones into smaller pieces) on a baking sheet, drizzle with olive oil and season with salt and pepper before putting into the oven for about ten minutes. Remove from the oven and set aside.

3. Allow the finished dough to rest for a few minutes before rolling out (on a floured surface) to about 1/4″ thickness. Carefully place the rolled out dough onto a greased pizza pan. Bake for 5 minutes.

4. Remove the crust from the oven and top with the sliced zucchini and roasted tomatoes before returning to the oven to bake for an additional 10 minutes.

5. In a small bowl, whip the honey and goat cheese together until light and fluffy. Take out the pizza and top with the goat cheese mixture and drizzle sriracha on top before slicing. Enjoy!


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