The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Working out on Holiday

Working out while on vacation is probably the last thing on your mind (and the last thing you want to do), but if you follow these tips, you’ll be able to stay on track. 

Walk it out
In a city, by the beach, or in the countryside; no matter where you’re visiting, there is always somewhere to take a walk. If you’re in a metropolitan area, forgo taking the subway or catching a taxi, and explore it by foot (I walk on average 80-100 blocks whenever I go to New York). Outside of the concrete jungle? See if there’s any trails, local gardens or nature preserves with paths you can walk along. (MapMyWalk is a great resource for this)

Take full advantage of any facilities
Whether that be a fitness center, a pool, or a just long flight of stairs, most hotels and resorts have some kind of facility where you can easily get a good workout.

See if your gym has a location nearby
Belong to a gym that’s a part of a chain? Visit the company’s website to see if there’s one near where you are staying. Many places allow you to visit other locations throughout the country for a small or no fee depending on your membership.

No machines? No problem!
You don’t need any fitness equipment to work out. Run or jog around the hotel, use your bed or a desk for squats, or even ask the front desk about local parks and other places to run. (Park benches are great for strengthening exercises.) And if your trip already involves climbing or hiking, like a visit to a mountain range or national park, then you’re set!

As long as you stay active while you’re away, you’ll be in good shape. 😉


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