No Treat Yo’ Self Thursday This Week

Sorry for the lack of a Treat Yo’ Self Thursday post this week, I’ve been working on a couple of things for the blog and didn’t have a fully finished post that is up to my standards. BUT be ready (if all goes according to plan) an awesome post for the the letter ‘L’ and an exciting announcement coming soon!

Best cookie EVER

Best cookie EVER

If you’re still looking for a treat, I highly recommend my blizzard cookies for the snowstorm that never was. Seriously, my family and I loved them. They could not get over the subtraction of an entire stick of butter and the chia seeds added a nice crunchy element to the cookie.  I’m thinking of going all coconut oil and upping the amount of coconut flour used the next time I make them and see how it goes..I just have to work out the whole exact measurement/chemistry thing (I majored in journalism to avoid as much number crunching as possible).

P.S.- I’m thinking about going vegan again, going more of the Mark Bittman vegan until six route. I think it’s a bit more realistic for this cheese lovin’ gal.


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