The Weekly Feed #4

Okay, so this week’s roundup is going to be a bit abbreviated because ya girl is a bit sleep deprived… I’ve had a couple of early morning wake ups from the dog barking (THANKS FLASH) and a busy week at work making sure things are taken care of for when I’m away… I haven’t mentioned that have I? I’M GRADUATING! Remember that Gastronomy masters program I did in Scotland? Well, come July 6, I will officially have my MSc (Master of Science) in Gastronomy! (Can you tell I’m excited?) I’m really looking forward to catching up with friends and be back on Scottish soil for a ‘wee’ bit.

  1. Atlas Obscura’s Gastro ObscuraHere, you can read some really interesting, unique, and downright bizarre stories involving gastronomic culture. A recent favorite article of mine was one about the first professional food critic, Grimod de La Reynière, who hosted his own funeral.
  2. IMG_1137

     A grain bowl made with wheat berries & quinoa.

    Wheat BerriesA chewy, slightly nutty, earthy whole grain, the wheat berry is typically used and consumed in its ground state, aka whole wheat flour, but is equally delicious in its ‘whole’ state.

  3. Suarez Family Brewery This family-owned local brewery in Livingston is producing some great beers (they’re brewing a whole variety of styles and employing a few different fermentation techniques) including a recently released peach beer made with local peaches harvested last year.

    Screen Shot 2018-06-22 at 10.40.02 AM

    Mmm peach beer 🍑🍺



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