Treat Yo’ Self Thursday #22, Snack Subscription Boxes

While looking for ideas for Christmas gifts, I happened upon some snack subscription boxes that I couldn’t resist purchasing for myself…

Subscription Box 1: SnackCrate

Featured Country: Australia

Violet Crumble
The larger Aussie cousin of a Crunchie bar, has a more prominent honeycomb taste and –BONUS– it dissolves so it doesn’t end up stuck in your back molars.

Allen’s Killer Pythons (MY FAVORITE!)
I’m not much of a gummy candy fan, but these sweet snakes are pretty darn fantastic. They have the right amount of chew and pull, as well as great fruit flavors (each color on the gummy tastes different)… I am partial to the yellow pineapple section of the python.

French Fries
These potato straws taste just like French’s potato sticks… really nothing unique about this snack. Lovely crunch though!

Milky Way
This caramel-free Australian version is reminiscent of a 3 Musketeers bar with a more cocoa forward, fudge-like flavor.

Arnott’s Shapes (Pizza and Barbecue)
These flavored crackers weren’t bad; I could’ve done without the barbecue ones, but thought the pizza crackers tasted good.

Tim Tam Fingers
No stranger to these delectable cookies, I was happy to find these in my box. Only complaint? I wish it was a flavor exclusive to Australia since you can easily get the plain chocolate and caramel flavors at Target here in the U.S.

Caramello Koala
A Cadbury koala shaped chocolate with a caramel filling… Super cute, but really nothing special.

Cherry Ripe
A chocolate covered cherry coconut bar? Um, YES PLEASE. Definitely a unique Australian treat; this candy bar is really, really good.

Overall: For $26 a month, SnackCrate allows you to try a whole variety of snacks you can’t buy at the nearest 7-11 or local supermarket. It’s nice that each box is curated and focuses on one country as opposed to a mishmash of snacks from several places. For the cost, it is a bit pricey… I didn’t appreciate getting small packets of some of the items (e.g. the Shapes cracker packets, likely from a much larger variety pack); I would expect at least more than just one if it’s that small in size. Despite this, I am still subscribed to the box, and interested to see what I receive in this month’s box featuring the country of Brazil.

Interested in trying the box? SnackCrate offers three different boxes: Mini 4-6 snacks/$14 a month; Original 8-10 snacks/$26 a month; Premium 16-18 snacks/$49 a month. For more information, visit their website for details.

Subscription Box 2: Japan Crate

Hia Shuwa Cola
These are cola flavored candies with “3 different levels: fizzy, soothing, and gummy.” There’s also tropical flavored candies mixed in the bag. I’m not a huge fan of cola-flavored anything, so I preferred the tropical candy, but the “fizzy” cola candy was pretty cool.. it felt like I was actually drinking a glass of soda.

Black Bean & Soy Sauce Scones
Not sure why this snack is being called a “scone” as it doesn’t remotely resemble the British baked good; it looks and eats like a Cheeto. The black bean flavor is absent, but a sweet soy and corn flavor is very much present. I was a bit apprehensive to try this, but it was delicious (my family enjoyed it just as much)!

Pocky Demitasse
Pocky is a old favorite Japanese snack of mine (I Green Tea Pocky),  and this limited edition version doesn’t disappoint. These crispy dark chocolate covered biscuits are delicious;  super chocolatey and not overly sweet, they’re a perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee or tea.

Cheese, Tonkatsu, and Veggie Salad Umaibo
Definitely a unique Japanese snack, these large puffed corn sticks are anything but bland. The cheese and the veggie salad flavors are delicious, whereas the Tonkatsu is an acquired taste…

Soooo…I haven’t tried everything in the box yet–there’s a lot of stuff in it–but will list the remaining (and likely delicious) items I received:


• Bad Kid Beer (powder drink mix)
• Awa Moco Moco (another drink mix)
• Fujiya Lollipop Bag
• Celio Lifeguard Drink
• Pachishuwa Melon Soda
• Cute Tororin Parfait DIY
• Naga-I Sawagumi Orange

Overall: For $30 a month, the Japan Crate is fantastic treat for any fan of Japanese snacks/culture (Or a weirdo like me, that is obsessed with the brightly colored and cute packaging found on these treats).

Like SnackCrate, Japan Crate comes in three different sizes: Mini 4-6 snacks/ $12 a month; Original 8-10 snacks/$25 a month; Premium 12-14 snacks/$30 a month. For just the sheer amount of snacks you receive (not to mention the monthly drawings to win a special ‘Sugoi’ box), this subscription box is more than worth it…I  highly recommend getting the premium box; you can easily split the cost and share it with a friend or loved one.

For more information, visit the Japan Crate website for details.

Important to note: I was not paid or asked to do a review for SnackCrate or Japan Crate, I just happened upon both websites and decided to try them out!

Any snack and/or other subscription boxes you enjoy? Let me know in the comments below!


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