The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Stress-Free Traveling

Like many others, I am hitting the road this summer (well, more sky than road). A trip to Europe wasn’t exactly in the financial cards this year (thanks student loans!), so I am spending the week in Orlando. As a pretty well-seasoned traveler, I thought I’d help the less experienced and/or unorganized person with these super easy tips:

Lists are your friend
•Even if you aren’t the most organized/borderline OCD when it comes to holiday planning, writing a list or two will help make sure your trip goes off without a hitch. A packing list and a to do list will help prevent things from being left behind and any last minute panic.

Pack ahead of time & pack light (but not too light)
•Try to gather everything you need at least a week before you leave (even longer if it’s a long trip or one abroad). Giving yourself this extra time allows you to pack and stops any overpacking or underpacking (I’m talking to you Mr. or Ms. packs the night before and has to wear the same shirt twice). Only packing what you really need for the trip lessens your load (literally and metaphorically).

Stay in the loop
•There are a bunch of useful websites and blogs that give info on everything from local dining to fun events and other interesting activities unique to the area. Doing some research will help you find some things to do and possibly a once in a lifetime experience (or two) you wouldn’t know about otherwise.

Be prepared for some minor (and occassionally major) hiccups
•A missed flight, weather delays, sickness, etc. can risk ruing your trip, so consider getting travel insurance. Many plans not only cover cancelled or rescheduled flights, but unexpected emergency medical expenses, reimburse any additional lodging due to a cancelled or delayed flight, and even covers a cancelled trip if something comes up. You can easily find a plan for under $100 and in many cases, it can be used for any other trips you take for the year from the date you purchase it.

Follow these tips and you’ll be golden. And above all else, take a deep breath and relax! You’re going on holiday!


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