Summer Smoothie Series, #2: Mango Brûlée It On Thick

For the second smoothie in this series, I give you a creamy and delicious vegan-friendly twist on a mango lassi (sans yogurt).

Caramelized pieces of ripe mango add a rich depth of flavor, coconut milk and banana provide a much needed creaminess, lime and a pinch of cardamom brighten up and round out this dream of a drink. Salivating yet? Try it yourself!

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Summer Smoothie Series, #1: A Disney Inspired Drink

I don’t know about you, but for me, nothing is more refreshing and satisfying than a cold fruit smoothie during the summer. Inspired by my deep love for this blended drink, I will be posting an original smoothie recipe every week (yes, you read that right) for the entire summer. I know it’s not technically summer until June 21, but I consider it summer once it starts hitting 90 degrees as it already has here in New York.

For this first smoothie, I was looking for an idea for a entry for a contest Disney World is currently holding (Coolest Summer Disney Side Contest).  I thought of using my favorite Disney character from one of my favorite animated movies, Lilo and Stitch, and one half of his favorite treat, coconut cake and coffee.

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The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Staying Sane

It’s been a long week, and you are completely burnt out. A pile of projects, a long commute, fueled by a ton of coffee because you’ve skipped lunch; we’ve all had a week like that. You come home exhausted and stressed out, ready to order chinese takeout and eat an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s, but don’t do that just yet! I have a few tips and tricks that will take you to your happy place without taking you to your freezer or Seamless account. Continue reading