Pinwheel Cookies (Adapted from SORTEDfood)

Although I’ve already professed my admiration for a certain Naked Chef, there’s another British man–well, it’s actually a group of men–that are absolutely killing it online. Old classmates and friends, Jamie, Ben, Barry, and Mike launched SORTEDfood in 2009 to help fellow millennials kick their takeaway/takeout habit and learn how to cook delicious and original dishes.

You can watch the guys cook on their YouTube channel and their website, as well as follow them on Instagram and Twitter (I must warn you not to look at their accounts when hungry.). They also have an app that allows members of the SORTEDfood community to post pictures of things they’ve cooked as well as post original recipes of their own.

This week, they made pinwheel (or spiral, or named after the Catherine Wheel…) cookies. I went ahead and made these delicious cookies with an additional ingredient:
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Treat Yo’ Self Thursday #15, Cookies? Cookies.


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Chocolate Chip. Sugar. Ginger Snaps. Macaroons. Macarons.

Just a few names of the many (and there are a lot) varieties of the much loved cookie. This versatile confection can be chewy, soft, fluffy, dense, crunchy and even crispy. It’s no surprise that this popular baked good is part of a classic childhood snack combo: milk and cookies.

As you may know from a previous post, I enjoy a macaron or two, but I have a few other favorites that you need to try: Continue reading

Treat Yo’ Self Thursday #11, Disney Delights

Walt Disney World is a magical place. Widely referred to as the “Most Magical Place on Earth,” Disney World has it all; fun rides, Broadway level entertainment, childhood nostalgia and of course, tasty food.

Every time I pay a trip to Disney, I not only look forward to the rides, but the new treats that await me at the parks and resorts.

Here’s a list of snacks I will be trying as well as some tried and tested treats I highly recommend: Continue reading