Treat Yo’ Self Thursday #14, Low-Key Leftover Mashed Potato Gnocchi

Remember those mashed potatoes you made for that roast this past weekend? The mashed potatoes that are now sitting in a large tupperware container in your fridge because you made way too much? You could just reheat it and eat the same mashed potatoes for the rest of the week, but we all know by Wednesday you’ll be sick of that side dish, and it’ll end up in the trash.

Well, now you can stop throwing out all of those leftover mashed potatoes (or any leftover cooked potatoes for that matter) and make a meal that will transform those spuds into delicious gnocchi.  Continue reading

Earth Day 2015: How You Can Help the Planet One Forkful at a Time

Happy Earth Day! Or as I like to refer to it as the day where everyone becomes an environmentalist, or at least pretends to care about the planet. While some do-gooders go out and pick up trash or plant trees (Because who actually plants one on Arbor Day?) the rest of us tweet, share or post about helping the planet on social media, but don’t actually know what to do to help. That is until now.

Here are some ways you can help the planet during each meal: Continue reading